Shamrock Shuffle

Friday, March 10, 2023

Help us reach our goal of $5,000 for Technology!

The Shamrock Shuffle is back!  After two years, the Media News Team (MNT) is happy to announce the return of our annual fitness event coupled with our technology fundraiser.  We want to spread the news and get everyone excited about getting active to improve our physical fitness and general good health.  As in past years, we want to integrate this with our fundraising efforts for our Technology Program.  

Shamrock Shuffle 2023 will take place on Friday, March 10th.  All students are welcome to participate!

On Friday March 10th students are encouraged to wear green for the Shuffle event.  Each class will quickly walk around a “track” and through a mini obstacle course for 10 minutes.  Each lap will earn a student a ticket.  They can redeem their tickets for snacks before returning to class.

Our fundraising goal is $5,000.  This amounts to about $20.00 per student, however any donation amount will be much appreciated.  There will be a celebration for the two classes raising the most money.  One class from pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade and one class from 3rd through 5th grade will celebrate with a treat party hosted by the Media News Team. 

Please help us reach our fundraising goal of $5,000 for technology.  Technology is an integral part of our students’ learning experience.  Lincoln has made great strides in our technology program in the past few years.  We are proud to offer a 1 to 1 device program to our students.  Your donations help support this 1 to 1 initiative as well as media equipment used to capture school events.  We are committed to continuing upgrades to our technology infrastructure.  To learn more about this event, please refer to our frequently asked questions page on our website. 

Keep an eye out for the donation envelope marked Shamrock Shuffle 2023.  Your child’s homeroom teacher will distribute the envelopes during the week of February 10th.  Support an active, healthy lifestyle AND support our Technology Program!  Thank you!