Halloween Parade 2018

When: 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

Where: Through Lincoln School Walkways and Lanais

Visual Arts Standards: Understand and apply art materials, techniques, and processes in the creation of works of art and understand how the visual arts communicate a variety of ideas, feelings, and experiences.

** For this event, only street parking will be available;**

parking on Lincoln School campus is not allowed.

Parade Guidelines:

1. Participation is voluntary for students, faculty, and family members.

2. Family members are welcome to view or join in the parade with their own costumes.  Please join your respective class as we parade the route.  Pictures may be taken at the end of the parade.

3. COME TO SCHOOL WEARING YOUR COSTUME.  Put make-up and hairspray on at home.

4.  No weapons or weapon look-alikes (guns, knives, swords, light-sabers, etc.) and no valuable accessories (iPads, phones, etc.)

5. Walk in a safe/orderly way.  Stay in line.

6. Apply GLO 1 Self-Directed Learner by directing self around parade route in a responsible manner.  Apply GLO 2 Community Contributor by respectfully and cooperatively participating in the parade or as an audience member.

7. After the parade is over, students are to change into regular school attire and remove any make up they have on.